Sho shin means beginner's mind, a mind that is open to possibilities. It is this state that has freed me to make art for over sixty years. The Galleries contain the outcome of that practice. It is my hope that you will enjoy what is shared here.



My first photographs were of people in their personal space or in the street. I began photographing artists in 1979 first working with my teachers and friends, those I had exhibited with beginning in 1961. There are now over 300 portraits of artists in my archive. 

Wayne Thiebaud - 1997



My Father, Glen Fishback, taught me photography, the love of the landscape and fine black and white print. Also, my middle name is after Edward Weston who along with my father shared his love of photographing on the land. The landscape, Mother Earth, has shared her energy with me all my life.


Over the past ten years or so I have viewed the Earth with slightly different eyes. The Mandala as a tool in meditation to facilitate a more focused mind has afforded me with a new way to see Mother Earth.


After deciding to be a teacher in 1962 the bulk of my college education was in mediums other than photography. Ceramics, both traditional and pure fine are sculpture, became what gained me degrees; BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, 1967 and MFA at the University of California, Davis in 1970. I was blessed to be a part of a shift, an expansion of possibilities in clay working with people like Robert Arneson, William Wiley, Roy Deforest and Jim Melchert.


Commercail photography payed the bills beginning in 1979 and made possible the portraits of artists project.


 "Life is a letting process. So get out of your own way. "


Michael Himmovitz 1983


In the mid 1980s I made a series of nudes of Michael Himmovitz and exhibited them in his gallery in Sacramento, CA.

Chuck Close, New York, 1982

Portraits of Artists

Check out the portraits of artists gallery as well.


Kids Making Faces

In 2004 I worked with a second grade class near where I live. My only direction was to make a face.

Apu Shasta Mandala


This mandala was made using a photogaraph of Mount Shasta in Northern California. My second teaching job in 1971 was at College of the Siskiyous in Weed at the foot of Mount Shasta.

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